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JBK Interior Studio specializes in creating innovative and functional store designs. Their expertise helps clients optimize their retail space to enhance brand identity, customer experience, and ultimately increase sales.


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JBK Interior Studio is skilled in designing shops that prioritize customers and brand identity. They make beautiful and practical designs by taking into account how to show products and how people will move around the shop. Their experienced designers also use light and color to make the shop more interesting. Whether you’re starting a new shop or changing an existing one, JBK can help you succeed with creative ideas.

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JBK Interior Studio Hyderabad is an interior design firm that specializes in providing customized design solutions for commercial and residential spaces. They offer store design services for retail spaces that focus on creating a unique brand identity for their clients. Their approach involves understanding the client’s business, target audience and incorporating design elements that reflect their brand’s personality. They create a cohesive design, involving layout, lighting, fixtures, and visual merchandising, to ensure that the customer experiences a seamless, immersive shopping experience. JBK Interior Studio Hyderabad also considers practical aspects such as storage solutions and foot traffic to ensure the space is functional and efficient. Their goal is to create a retail space that stands out from the competition and enhances the overall customer experience.

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JBK Interior Studio is known for their professional team of experienced designers and architects who create innovative and personalized interior designs.

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JBK Interior Studio designs stores in three stages: analysis and brand-space evaluation, design plan creation, and execution in partnership with the client. They strive to create functional and visually appealing spaces that reflect brand identity. Materials, lighting, and colors are artfully combined to reach target audiences, and the design can be modified later if necessary. Collaborating closely with clients, JBK ensures the final result meets everyone’s expectations.

The first step is an initial consultation with the client to understand their requirements, brand identity, target audience, and business goals.

Once the concept is finalized, JBK Interior Studio proceeds with space planning and layout design. This step involves analyzing the available space, considering the flow of customers, and optimizing the arrangement of different areas within the store.

In this step, the focus is on selecting appropriate materials, finishes, and colors that complement the brand and enhance the overall ambiance of the store.

The final step involves detailing the design elements, creating comprehensive documentation, and overseeing the execution of the project. JBK Interior Studio produces detailed drawings, 3D visualizations, and specifications that provide a clear roadmap for the construction and installation phase.

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JBK Interior Studio has completed projects ranging from residences to commercial spaces including offices, retail, and hospitality.

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