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JBK Interior Studio offers career opportunities in interior design and décor with a focus on delivering quality, personalized service to clients.

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JBK Interior Studio is a team of interior designers who create beautiful and functional spaces that make customers happy. We offer opportunities for learning, growth, and experimentation with different styles and techniques. Join us and make a real impact in people’s lives by creating unforgettable spaces!

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Years of Experience

JBK Interior Studio: Years of Experience in Crafting Beautiful Spaces - Over 10 Years in Designing Unique Interiors.

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JBK Interior Studio creates masterpieces with precision and style.


The Three Embodiments .

JBK Interior Studio – designing spaces for self actualization

large-scale project

JBK Interior Studio successfully completed a large-scale project involving the design and renovation of a commercial space, incorporating modern elements while preserving the building's historical character.

above average salary

JBK Interior Studio offers an above-average salary to its employees.

growth mindset

At JBK Interior Studio, we promote a growth mindset to encourage our team to view challenges as opportunities for improvement, fostering a culture of continuous learning to enhance our work quality and client satisfaction.

How We Hire

recruitment process .

JBK Interior Studio’s recruitment process involves online application submission, initial screening of applicants, face-to-face interviews, skills assessment, and reference checks. Successful candidates are offered a job based on their qualifications, experience, and fit with the company culture.

Available Positions

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Visit JBK Interior Studio for your interior design needs. Our team can transform any space, whether it’s for your home or business, to make it look great and work for you. We have the experience and knowledge to create a space that reflects your personality. From start to finish, we will work closely with you to ensure everything is perfect. Let us help turn your vision into reality – come see us soon!

Interior Designer

Create functional, aesthetically pleasing interiors. Design, source materials/furniture, and oversee projects to completion.

Lighting engineer

Responsible for designing and implementing lighting systems, conducting feasibility studies, selecting appropriate fixtures, and ensuring optimal lighting quality and energy efficiency. Collaborate with architects and electrical engineers.

Building Surveyor

We are seeking a skilled Building Surveyor to inspect and assess buildings for compliance with regulations, conduct surveys, provide technical advice, and ensure quality standards are met.

Structural Engineer

Responsible for designing and analyzing structures, ensuring their stability and safety. Proficient in structural analysis software, skilled in construction planning, and capable of delivering accurate and efficient engineering solutions.

Town Planner

Responsible for analyzing urban development, designing land use plans, and ensuring efficient and sustainable growth. Collaborates with stakeholders, conducts research, and implements policies to enhance the livability and functionality of communities.

Naval Architects

Design and develop marine vessels, structures, and systems. Conduct feasibility studies, create technical specifications, and oversee construction processes. Ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations. Collaborate with interdisciplinary teams.

Site engineer

The site engineer is responsible for overseeing and managing construction projects, ensuring adherence to specifications, coordinating with subcontractors, and ensuring the timely completion of projects within budgetary constraints.

Research engineer

Conduct research, design experiments, develop prototypes, and analyze data in order to advance scientific knowledge and contribute to the development of innovative technologies. Strong analytical, problem-solving, and technical skills required.